Build Muscle Fast! 7 to 15 Days!

This one is a dream come true for all those blokes who have been dreaming for a rock hard physique without spending too much time on it. Imagine muscles ripping through that new t-shirt that simply refused to do anything but hang loose akin a scarecrow’s clothes. 15 days seems like an ideal time to invest in bodybuilding, doesn’t it? Infomercials like these are floating around in the online world for years now. They are very much like the advertisements that you used to read in comic books years ago. “Turn from Dud to Stud in 7 days”. “Are you a weakling? Turn into the incredible hulk in 7 days” It is usually accompanied by a couple of before and after pictures (Geez!). The first one (before) usually shows a painfully malnourished guy who looks like he was on a fasting spree for years and the second picture (after) shows the same guy with an absolute ripped lean torso that would put a Greek god to shame. And he has done it in 15 days. So, why cant you?

Fact or Myth?

Here comes the big question. Do you believe in this? Can a normal human being turn into a muscled Greek god in as less as 15 days? The answer is no. It’s sad but true. Keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who has been a 90 pound weakling for the most part of his life. Yes, yours truly has been there and done that. So, here’s a low down on all those gain muscle, lose fat fast techniques, e-books and videos that are selling like hot cakes on the internet.

Gaining muscle the right way: No amount of heavy lifting, eating or consuming bodybuilding supplements or even taking anabolic steroids is going to bring about the transformation that you visualize in those ads. The only people gaining anything are the ones who are selling those products to newbies like you. A more realistic look at bodybuilding reveals that if you have a damn good week at the gym and combine it with the right diet and rest, then you can add up to 1 pound of muscle a week. That’s the maximum. Yes, you heard it right. One pound per week. So rather than becoming your own enemy and stacking up on unrealistic goals, set yourself a realistic one and work towards achieving it.

The workout

As a beginner, you should always focus on building up strength and muscle definition. So rather than trying to bench 200 pounds in the first week, try to lift weights that you are comfortable with. Stick to free weight exercises rather than specialized machines.

The diet

Some smart person once said that muscles are created in the kitchen, not in the gym. It couldn’t have been more precise. You have to eat right to make any sort of muscle gain. And remember to go slow and make gradual increments in the number of calories that you consume each week. If you try to stuff too many things into your system at once, you will end up barfing all over the place.


It is so easy to go over the board when you start your bodybuilding attempts. But you need to understand that your body needs rest to recuperate. Without rest, you are only going to end up straining your muscles and will have no significant gains to show even after months. So if you haven’t been catching those 40 winks, now is the time to do it.

Put it all together

Now you have the perfect ensemble for a beginner’s bodybuilding routine. Stick to these three basic techniques and you will be all set to go on to level two in about three months time. And here’s a tiny reminder. The next time someone tries to sell you an e-book or a training guide that promises to help you gain muscle in 7 days or 15 days for that matter, you politely tell them ‘anda a bañarte’ (Spanish for ‘take a hike’)!

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What Does Building Muscle Mass Mean?

If you work out with weights, you may not lose body weight. You’ll be more likely to gain weight. Muscle is heavier than fat by volume. As you build muscle, you might lose inches, but not weight, because the volume of muscle is heavier than fat.

Strength-training exercise (lifting weights) is not designed to help people lose weight. That isn’t the purpose of the training. The idea is to make muscles bigger and stronger, and you’ll often gain weight in the process.

Cardio exercises like aerobic exercises, running, walking, and riding a bike are the exercises needed by those who wish to LOSE weight. These are exercises that expend a lot of energy (burn a lot of calories) in a short period of time. Cardio or aerobic exercises are designed to build endurance rather than strength. Aerobic exercise will give you the endurance to run uphill for a long time. Weight training will give you the strength to lift the hill, so to speak.

Building muscle mass means forcing the body to increase the size and strength of the muscles. The body doesn’t just build muscles because it doesn’t have anything better to do. You can’t eat the “right” foods or take the “right” supplements and make your body build muscle. Those things can give your body the tools it needs to build muscle, but it won’t make the body use them. The ONLY way to make muscles get bigger is to damage the muscle by lifting weights and letting the body repair the damage by building more muscle tissue.

The way to inflict damage upon the muscle is by lifting weights repeatedly to the point where the muscle fails. When the muscle fails, that means that enough damage has been inflicted. The next step is to rest while the body repairs the damage (builds muscle tissue). Then you again inflict damage by lifting heavier weights and doing more reps to start the process all over again.

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